Selling a Boat per Day - Brewer Yacht Sales reports its second consecutive month with 50 brokerage boats sold


Brewer Yacht Sales: Selling a Boat per Day

Brokerage reported its second consecutive month with 50 brokerage boats sold

Westbrook, CT July 14, 2017:  Brewer Yacht Sales reported its second consecutive month with 50 brokerage boats sold.  “That’s 9.65% of Yachtworld’s reported boat sales in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York” said Jackie Joslyn, Office Manager of Brewer Yacht Sales.  With an average 600 brokerage boats for sale, Brewer Yacht Sales’ current used boat inventory has trimmed to 300 boats.  “There’s definitely a shortage of quality used boats for sale in the marketplace and we’re seeing an increase in co-brokerage activity because our colleagues simply don’t have the inventory” stated Fred Brown, Brewer’s #1 salesperson in 2016. 

In addition to selling 100 boats in 60 days, Brewer Yacht Sales also reported listing 34 power and sailboats in the last 30 days.  Eleven full-time Brewer brokers work in offices located in 10 Brewer Marinas.  Averaging 25 years’ experience, all Brewer brokers are members of YBAA (Yacht Brokers Association of America) and most have their CPYB accreditation.  Each broker has a company profile page on, promoting boats they’ve sold as well as their current listings.  “A key component to acquiring listings is the rapport we maintain with the marinas and their personnel. It’s important to remember that Brewer Yacht Sales was created by Brewer Yacht Yards to facilitate the easy transition into or out of boating for its members.   Our cultures are the same. We serve and support our members and colleagues” said Hal Slater, CPYB and previous past president of YBAA. makes it easy to list your boat for sale, find an accredited surveyor, obtain an insurance quote, as well as obtain dockage and storage or service with direct links to Brewer Marinas on each listing.  It’s also easy to print, compare, or share boats for sale with family or friends on social media platforms (see below).

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